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Reliance Protectron’s interactive services: state-of-the-art technology serving your security needs

Are you looking for a home security system that provides comfort and peace of mind? Home security systems are evolving in accordance with the needs of homeowners and tenants. Today’s solutions are interactive and increasingly budget-friendly.

Protectron delivers the latest technologies and solutionsTechnologie Protectron
Thanks to technology breakthroughs, security systems are becoming increasingly interactive, versatile, and modular. They allow you, for example, to manage certain system functions remotely, know when your children leave and return home, and check on the punctuality of your housecleaning service.

“When it comes to home security, multiple factors affect peace of mind,” says Patrice De Luca, Vice-President, Marketing and Business Development at Reliance Protectron. “One of these factors is the ability to control various security system functions remotely. That’s where Protectron’s interactive services come into play.” is at the heart of Protectron’s interactive services
Reliance Protectron provides its customers with access to myProtectron. com. This is a user-friendly platform that enables customers to control their security system remotely via the web or a mobile device such as an iPhone or Blackberry. As a result, users enjoy greater autonomy and peace of mind. Wherever they are – be it the office, the cottage or the gym – users can arm and disarm their system and watch over their home as if they were there. interactive services include multiple functionalities, enabling users to:

  • Check on recent system and sensor activity
  • Create personalized alarms for sensors and detectors
  • Know when the system was armed or disarmed and by which user (children, housecleaning staff, visiting friends)
  • Receive a reminder to arm the system if it was not armed at the usual time
  • Watch over your home remotely and in real time thanks to webcams
  • Change temperature settings at your cottage remotely
  • And much, much more!

Reliance Protectron, your trusted partner
Reliance Protectron is the leading provider of electronic security solutions in Canada. The company’s 1000 highly qualified employees and its network of state-of-the-art monitoring centres deliver peace of mind to 375,000 subscribers. Find out more about Reliance Protectron’s interactive services at